Cytology Services

More than 26,000 genital and non-genital cytology tests are performed at Peterson Laboratory each year. In addition to conventional slides, the laboratory is proud to utilize ThinPrep liquid based PAP and HPV testing. Using the latest technology, the resulting slides are margin-defined, mono-layered and clear of obscuring material.

Cytology interpretation is subjective, so the skill and experience of the pathologists and cytotechnologists and are critical to quality results. Peterson Laboratory pathologists are Board Certified. Our cytotechnologists are registered CT(ASCP) and average 20 years experience!

*Four tests (PAP, HPV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia) can be performed from one ThinPrep specimen

*Turn around time of 3-5 days far exceeds national standard of 14 days

*As a quality assurance measure, 18% of PAP tests are read by more than one cytotechnologist. The national average is 10%

*A patient PAP reminder system, patient letter and statistical reports are available to clients at no additional costs