Peterson's Top 10

1.  All Cases Reviewed by TWO Pathologists

2.  Board Certified Pathologists, Available 24/7

3.  Pathology Results on Routine Cases within 12-24 hours

4.  CMS-CLIA Cytology Overview 500 slides - no errors

5.  Pap Patient Reminder System

6.  Monthly Cytology Statistical Reports

7.  Results Via Web, Courier, Fax and/or Mail

8.  Daily Courier Service

9.  Client Representative

10. Educational Seminars/Quarterly Newsletter

"The quality of service available at Peterson Laboratory Services is exceptional. We enjoy convenient courier service, prompt turnaround time and friendly customer service. We are very satisfied customers." Pamela Sumners, Lab Manager
Manhattan Medical Associates

"I use Peterson Laboratory Services because of the availability of pathologists for consults, report turnaround time and accessible client services." David G. Pauls, MD
Surgical Associates, PA

"My Practice has used Peterson Laboratory Services since 1978. They are responsive to my concerns and have always provided good services to my patients and the community. PLS has always been helpful in providing information that is necessary to accurately treat my patients." James D. Gardner, MD
Primary Care Physicians of Manhattan